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Let me get you started in this awesome world of cloud computing. On this site, I begin with the fundamentals of cloud computing, and then move on to teach how to cloud with challenge labs (hands-on projects) and assessment tests. If you’re preparing to write Google Cloud, AWS or similar certification exams, I provide guides, practice exam questions and answers on this site. This helps to build strong confidence before you write the exam.

Why You Should Learn Cloud Computing

Many of my students keep telling me that learning cloud computing and getting certified opened so many opportunities for them. It could really do the same for you too because it will help you get the job experience you need to earn higher salaries. I have helped a lot of people already to both the ramp up different Cloud Platforms and to study for their different certification exams.

People want to get cloud computing certifications to prove that they’ve learned the skills that companies need to run production workloads in the cloud. So, I have designed these tutorials to help you do just that.

How My Labs Can Help You Learn Cloud Computing

I update my labs regularly to ensure you have all the skills you need to both use cloud in real life, and to learn how to cloud on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure. You will gain hands-on experience which you should be able to use to build innovations and pass your certification exams. It doesn’t matter if you have little or no prior experience with Cloud computing. I have already helped a lot of students pass their Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) and Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) exams with my guides.

Time to Start is Now

If everything seems all right, you should start right now. Select your desired cloud course from the Browse Courses folder. Don’t delay a second!  Now is the right time to start acquiring the knowledge and experience you need to build innovations and getting certified by Google, Amazon or Microsoft. I provide support on my contact page. I personally attend to every inquiry or concern of my students and get back within 24 hours.

If you’d like to learn from scratch, start from the fundamentals of cloud computing right now!