About Cloud Titanic

My name is Mubarak. My background is in Electronics/Telecommunication and software development. I spent over 15 years writing code but I’ve done a bunch of other things since then too, such as SDLC/process, CI/CD, security, architecture, PM, leading teams, and so much more.

Lately I’ve really fallen in love with writing books about serverless computing and can simplify the building and running of distributed systems. But I do understand that not every circumstance is best served by a serverless approach and we’ll definitely also be looking at some of the traditional approaches in this course.

As far as GCP goes, I’ve also been certified by Google as both Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect.  I hold a bunch of AWS certifications too. Now I specialize in cloud computing and machine learning. I have created courses on machine learning, data science and databases.

Cloud Titanic