How to Get onto the Dark Web

Learn How to Get onto the Dark Web: The Unseen Side of the Internet

The Up to Date Book on Dark Web & Dark Net

how to get onto the dark web

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You must read this book if you want to learn about or embark on the dark web journey. In this short book, you’ll learn the chilling tales of the dark web and dark net. You will know the fundamentals, the facts and figures about the surface web, the deep web and the dark web.

The book also provides a broad overview of current and emerging digital threats and computer crimes. You will be updated with crucial information on fraud and identity theft carried out daily on the dark web.

Specifically you will learn:

  • What exactly is the dark web?
  • The origin of the deep web and dark web.
  • Activities that take place on the dark web.
  • How the dark web affects you.
  • How personal data is sold on the dark web.
  • The pieces of data most often traded on the dark web.
  • Human organ trafficking and child pornography services in the dark web.
  • The dark web market places.
  • The Tor network & how the Tor browser works.
  • The story of Ross William Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road.
  • The truth about the surface web: why some sites cannot be trusted with your information.

The most important things you will learn:   

  • What you can do to protect yourself from malicious activities in the dark web.
  • How to keep your internet identity safe on a daily basis.

Table of Contents

How the Internet Changed Everything

  • Web Levels

The Surface Web

The Deep Web

The Dark Web

  • Should You Access the Dark Web?

The Onion Routing

  • The Darknets & Tor Network

The Hidden Wiki

  • The Silk Road

Bitcoin & Ross William Ulbricht

How the Dark Web Affects You

  • Botnets
  • Data Breaches
  • Hitmen Services
  • Human Organ Trafficking & Child Pornography
  • The Cybercrime Challenge

Can You Know Users of the Dark Web?

Facts & Figures of the Dark Web

Positive Effects of the Dark Web

Is the Dark Web a Terrible or Good Place?

  • 10 Smart Ways to Keep your Internet Identity Safe on Daily Basis

Book Preview

How the Internet Changed Everything

Everything has been changed by the internet: the way we work, the way we live and even the way we play. Everyone has a corner on the internet. Whatever your interests or beliefs, there’s something or someone out there that thinks the same way you do.

The world wide web has connected us in ways that we never before imagined. It’s now a place where just about anyone from anywhere on the planet can come together. The internet has so much stuff that most of it we don’t even know exists.

If there’s something or anything you want – a product or service, whether it be legal or illegal, moral or immoral – the internet has it. You can decide to use it for good or bad.

Web Levels

There are various levels of deep web. For instance, the lowest level (level 1) is called the surface web and is generally comprised of the “open to public” part of the web. The upper most level (level 5) is known as the dark web which is not accessible by normal web browsers and needs to get The Onion Router (Tor) network or some other private networks. The following table gives a brief summary of the level of dark web:

For simplicity, you can break down the internet into three separate categories.

The Surface Web

The surface web is the first category. It is everything we use on a daily basis: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any other social media at all. It’s just a part of what is called the worldwide web. The surface web is a relatively easy place to find anything because nearly everything is indexed by search engines like Yahoo and Google.

In every second over a thousand photos are posted on Instagram. Eight thousand tweets are posted on Twitter and seventy thousand searches are made on Google. Almost a hundred thousand videos are watched on Youtube. So, it seems the surface web is massive, and it definitely is.

Using the search traffic, nearly everything we do can be found. For example, you can look up people and dig out some kind of information about them and even their life. However, what you can not find are information like their medical records and bank accounts. Such information is actually hidden inside password-protected websites where only those people can access them. This is some of what we’ve all been through inside the deep web, isn’t it?

The Deep Web

In the deep web live contents that are not indexed by search engines. It is the large part of the internet that is inaccessible to conventional search engines and is known as the invisible web. Everyone who uses the web virtually visits deep websites on a daily basis without being aware.

Basically, if you can’t find something on Google, then it’s technically on the deep web. It’s very likely you’ve logged into an email before. So you’ve browsed the deep web technically.

I think you may be a little disappointed to hear that the deep web is not as cool as it sounds. It’s pretty much like the surface web, only a bit more secrecy. But what you might not realize is that the deep web is the most massive part of the internet. Here’s why.

Ninety-six percent of everything on the internet lives in the deep web. This means that even if you go online daily and open new websites for the next fifty years, you wouldn’t even touch one percent of the vast amount of information on the internet. There’s just too much for you to go through, and most of it you couldn’t even get access to.

The deep web is the anonymous internet where it is much difficult for hackers, spies, or government agencies to track internet users and have a look on which websites they are using and what they are doing there.

The Dark Web

Even deeper and further than the deep web, in the tiniest sliver of the internet, lies a part of the web where things don’t leave.

Here you’ll find websites that are encrypted mainly for the purpose of hiding their existence. There are sites purposely created with no IP addresses so as to make them nearly unrecognizable. These sites are only accessed by users who use encrypted software to completely mask their identities. So welcome to the dark web! Here, everything and anything goes.

Now that you’ve reached the dark web you may want to ask how does it even work? Just like the surface web that everyone uses every single day, the dark web contains a lot of forums, websites and services that we can use, but they are protected. They’re hidden under a surface where dark activities are concealed from the rest of the world.

The dark web is very deep and is the safe haven for many illegal online activities. It’s much deeper than you can imagine. The dark web is a place where predators, criminals, drug addicts, spies, and even human traffickers hide from plain sight. You could access the dark web in minutes if you wanted to, but the question is, should you?

Should You Access the Dark Web?

There are chances the FBI man is watching you if you’re browsing the surface web. Maybe not really, but everything the average person does online can be tracked in various ways. A lot of websites do track what you’re looking at or searching, and, in turn, advertise services or products that fit that description to you.

This is far from something new. Ecommerce sites, Google, Facebook, and many other social media sites are very guilty of this. They sell our data to advertisers all around the world because we agreed to it in their terms and conditions we did not read. This does not happen by accident and is not a coincidence either.

The internet was never made to be anonymous. There are some people who see this as a kind of invasion of privacy. But there are others who don’t see a problem at all with it. The question is how far should we let this go before it turns really bad?

It may sound funny but the United States government too thought this over twenty years ago. The US government was looking for a system that could protect their communications while online. Because the internet was not designed for everything and everyone to remain anonymous, somehow anybody could intercept a government transmission while it was being relayed, and this was not acceptable. Therefore, in the mid nineties some researchers at the US Naval research laboratory started working on something.

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