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Windows 11 OS Download: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Winsows 11 OS download

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In this book I give you my honest views on the good and dark sides of Windows 11. There are more features, hacks and tricks hiding in Windows 11 than most people will ever know. I unveiled some of them in this book.

I’ve been a Windows user for over 20 years, and after further exploring two early builds (Home and Pro/Business) of Windows 11 os download, at first I had to admit that it looks rather nice, and is better than Windows 10.

These are some of what you’ll learn in this book:

  • The new features and major changes since the Windows 11 insider preview was released.
  • Why Microsoft’s system health-check application, and the hardware constraints they plan to include in Windows 11 are shameful, and how they can affect your system and you.
  • Why I suspect the rollout of Windows 11 will be relatively slow, and why it will take quite a long time before lots of people start using it.
  • The Microsoft’s policy and how it will affect Windows 11 users when Windows 10 support ends on October 14th, 2025.
  • How to quickly and reliably check if your system can run Windows 11
  • Two methods to install Windows 11 step by step. Video tutorials included for Windows and Linux-based systems.
  • A work around to install Windows 11 on non-supported hardware.
  • And so much more…

1.Windows 11 OS Download: What’s New

In this chapter I’ll go first over the good features which are the major changes since the Windows 11 insider preview was released. This will be available as a free update to windows 10 users later this year, as long as you meet the system requirements. Now, these requirements could change as quite a few people have been upset about them, since they don’t necessarily have all of these requirements but windows 10 runs just fine.

Table of Contents

1. What’s New in Windows 11
1.1 Windows 11 Requirements
1.2 The Start Menu, Rounded Corners, Shadows & Power Menu
1.3 The Desktop
1.4 The Search
1.5 Multiple Desktops1.6. The Widgets
1.7 The Edge Browser & Snap Layouts
1.8 The File Explorer

1.9 Settings
1.9.1 Windows Update
1.9.2 Personalization
1.10 Notifications
1.11. Windows Security
1.12 Microsoft Store
1.13 Device manager and Disk Management

2. How to Install Windows 11
2.1 How to check if your system can run Windows 11
2.2 Two Methods to Install Windows 11 Step by Step (for Windows and Linux-Based Systems)
2.2.1 First Method (Using Windows 11 ISO)
2.2.2 Second Method (Using Windows 10 ISO)

3. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
3.1 A Work Around to Install Windows 11 on Non-Supported Hardware
3.2 My Evaluation
3.2.1 The Good Sides of Windows 11
3.2.2 The Bad Sides of Windows 11
3.2.3 The Ugly Sides of Windows 11
3.3 Victims of Monopoly
3.4 Conclusion

Book Preview

1.1 Windows 11 Requirements

So, if you meet the below listed requirements, you should be good to go:

  • 1 GHZ or faster CPU, dual-core on a compatible 64-bit processor.
  • 4GB Ram.
  • 64GB storage.
  • Motherboard with UEFI and Secure Boot. So, windows 11 cannot be installed on a PC with a legacy bios.
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics.
  • TPM 2.0 support (TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, a type of processor for preventing malicious attacks on your hardware and boot process).

Initially, Microsoft claimed that Windows 11 wouldn’t work on a PC without a TPM 2.0 but it has now confirmed that you can upgrade to Windows 11 without needing TPM 2.0, and that the OS actually requires only the older, much more common TPM 1.2 module. Microsoft said however that without a TPM 2.0 module you won’t be getting the latest security fixes for your brand-new operating system, so you could be opening yourself up to a lot of risk.

Now let’s look at what’s new in Windows 11 from the custom-built PC that I made.

1.2 The Start Menu, Rounded Corners, Shadows & Power Menu

The first feature that’s obviously a good change in Windows 11 is the Start menu. It’s now in the middle of the display.

windows 11 os download
Fig. 1.2.1: The start menu

It can be customized or changed back to the left-hand side if you prefer, but it works great if you have an ultra-wide monitor for example.

They’ve also added rounded edges to everything. So, if we click on the start menu, for example, you’ll see the corners are rounded. There’s also some nice sort of shadowing going on behind to give some depth.

windows 11 os download
Fig. 1.2.2: The Start menu, rounded corners, shadows and Power menu

This looks more like an Android app because we have pinned apps with some new icon designs as well. If you want to see all of your apps, just click on All apps. Then you can scroll through all of your apps alphabetically. There are no more live tiles.

You also have the power menu/button in the lower right corner where you can restart or shut down.

1.3 The Desktop

Now on the desktop you can see we have a nice background and some new themes which I’ll show you in a moment.

windows 11 os download
Fig. 1.3.1: The Desktop showing a few icons

If you right click on one of the icons, such as Microsoft Teams which is also new and installed on every Windows 11 PC, you’ll see they are updated just a little bit. We have Cut, Copy, Rename and Delete.

selection window for Microsoft Teams icon
Fig. 1.3.2: The selection window for Microsoft Teams icon, showing the new Cut, Copy, Rename and Delete buttons

So, just like you would expect, the desktop hasn’t changed much. It’s just the visual overhaul.

1.4 The Search

The next icon (on the right of the Start menu shown in Fig. 1.2.1) is the Search. If you click on search, you’ll see a search bar with Type here to search inside, as shown in Fig. 1.4.1.

The Search box showing top apps, recent apps and quick searches
Fig. 1.4.1: The Search box showing top apps, recent apps and quick searches

You will also see your Top apps, Recent and things like that. So, just like you would expect, these are your recent searches or things you’ve opened before. We also have the Control Panel. If you click it, you’ll see that all of the old ways to manage your Windows computer are still there. See Fig. 1.4.2.

The Control Panel window
Fig. 1.4.2: The Control Panel window

They’re in the background running. If you want to change from small icons to category icons, for example, you can do that. Microsoft haven’t removed any of these yet. They’re still there if you prefer that. But Microsoft have just visually overhauled everything to make it a little bit easier to use.

1.5 Multiple Desktops

The next feature is the icon shown in Fig. 1.5.1. It’s called the Multiple Desktops (1). It looks like two gray squares. When you hover your mouse cursor over this icon (or if you use the shortcut Win + Tab), it will display all your open programs and all virtual desktops you have created.

Windows 11 os download
Fig. 1.5.1: The Multiple Desktops feature

If you click on the + sign inside the New desktop preview window (2), you can create multiple desktops with different backgrounds, themes or different applications. You can close any one of these desktops out and switch between them very easily if you prefer to use your computer that way.

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